Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center

Horseback Riding Lessons and Polo in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur

      Improve your riding with lessons from the Riding School near Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur

Francisco J. Barrena and Imperial in a Piaffe   July 2011

Francisco J Barrena and Consejero doing the spanish walk with his student Izabela Stewart. April 2012

Valente F Barrena giving an exhibition in Todos Santos May 2013

Izabela Stewart, Valente´s student Todos Santos May 2013

Francisco J Barrena M. with Chinaco in Passage Todos Santos May 2013

Chistine Pretty, Francisco´s student, on Quasimodo doing the Spanish Walk in Todos Santos May 2013


Francisco J. Barrena, World Class Trainer, on Navidad, An Azteca

born and bred in Cuadra San Francisco

Francisco J. Barrena Training Chinaco, Lusitano Stallion October 2007


Francisco J. Barrena schooling Cataviña,  a  Spanish Mare, born in the Cuadra

Francisco J. Barrena schooling the Lusitano mare born in the Cuadra, Cabeña, in side passes

Francisco and Cataviña at the end of a training session

Valente F. Barrena, Training Chinaco, a young Lusitano Stallion


Horseback Riding Lessons

Francisco J Barrena giving his student instructions on how to perform side passes

I think she got it!! She is doing side passes on Copla, a Lustitano Mare born in Cuadra San Francisco


Francesca DeBerge and Decidido, the Andalusian Stallion

Nayarit, a Mexican Criollo Horse

Trained in Cuadra San Francisco



Chanel DeBerge and Teddy

Special horses and saddles for children.  Learning in a safe environment.

Polo in Cuadra San Francisco

Friendly Polo with Valente and a Guest in Cuadra San Francisco

Polo is a great way to have fun in Cuadra San Francisco



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